Siza, de Wambeek

Where people with disabilities encounter obstacles, Siza offers support. Siza is committed to work with I am Recycled and together they have come to special and viable products. As one participant from this cooperation puts it:

"At the Wambeek in Velp people with employment restrictions can work for I Am Recycled. The work we do is:

- The finishing of the products
- Repairing minor damage
- Repainting of the products
- The coating of the products

Siza, de Wambeek


After this is done, the products are picked up by I Am Recycled again, and they sell it through their shop. Because we work without time pressure, the delivery time is in consultation. "

Deelnemer de Wambeek


"We really like doing this because for us this as a real job."