jacqueline - lappalouEvery day designer Jacqueline considers something new to follow her passion for blankets. What began as a personal mission has become a special Lappalou collection of stools, cushions, bunting flags and more.

Because Lappalou is not only beautiful but also durable, all products are handmade. Every detail, every blanket stitch, button or strap closure is applied with equal care. And that's the special thing about Lappalou.

workshop lappalou

All products are made in the sheltered workshop Sherpa with the utmost care by people with intellectual disabilities. In her designs Jacqueline takes into account that the products can be assembled step by step by the Sherpa people. This requires extra support at the beginning but once they have mastered, you can be sure that every stool, each cushion is delivered with the same dedication and finesse.

‘It gives so much satisfaction to make this together with them. It is an extra Lappalou element that cannot be expressed but felt all the more!’