By Mölle

By Mölle is a Dutch brand, founded by the sisters Eveline and Marianne Maat.
A miller's house is their home and also the showroom of By Mölle. "The mill built in 1862 symbolizes the way they work, where they show their conscious and sustainable style. They work with European, small-scale weavers and the designs are produced in limited edition, in a responsible manner."
The pure style of By Molle is designed by Eveline Maat. In addition, they have the ambition to work together with young design talent from the Netherlands.

Everyone has a favorite pair of jeans. What if it is worn?
By Mölle gives denim a second life by removing the zippers and remove buttons and spinning the fibers again. In a traditional knitting factory this recycled yarn is knitted into these soft and unique plaids. Comfortable and a good, environmentally alternative for cotton.
After carefully washing of the material the original colors of the denim can be retained. Dyeing and bleaching is therefore not required during this production. Old jeans are transformed into a new and unique product.
By Mölle is also packing everything with recycled materials and they choose for an environmentally friendly business.

'We are a Dutch brand that shows a sustainable lifestyle with a collection of functional designs, hand made in Europe.'