I am Recycled is driven to do something about the ease at what things are being discarded. Many of these materials are durable and have a contemporary look. By re-using these materials we can create unique and quality products.

The products are handmade and consist mainly of reclaimed or residual materials. I am Recycled collaborates with various community organizations, small independent businesses and designers.

I am Recycled is committed to produce products in a responsible manner. The products are mainly made by people who are outside the regular labor market. The enthusiasm, commitment and dedication which these groups work with, should not be unnoticed! I am Recycled wants to show the people behind the products. Under Recycled by you can find the people with whom we work.

But above all, I am Recycled wants to surprise you with trendy and special products!

Nanda Wintjes: "I am totally at home in the concept of I am Recycled. I am surrounded by inspiring people, each with their own creativity and personality. It is fantastic to work together and develop a particular products with them. For me it is important that a product has some form of personality, that you can find and feel something of the creator in it. It makes me happy when I am in an environment with beautiful stuff that embodies that. I also find it a challenge to re-create something new out of reclaimed materials. When something succeeds it gives me a boost of energy to work on the new ideas. And there are still plenty of them, but the first is accomplished with this website!"